Around Durham

Suggested Hotels with free shuttle service to Duke University campuses:


Recommended Hotels (some of the hotels provide shuttle service to Duke University, which is what you may want to look into if you’re not driving).


King’s Daughters Inn


Millennium Hotel Durham|5371|millenium%20hotel%20north%20carolina||S|b|8028481954


Durham Marriott City Center


Duke Tower


University Inn


Brookwood Inn


Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club



Transportation from Airport

These services will cost you around $25 – $27 one way. However, if you know that you are arriving together at around the same time, it pays to book a private van or to go together (you get discounts that can be shared around). These services are very reliable

You can also find here a list of all available public transportation around Durham that includes also the airport

To get to town, you can use the free bull city shuttle.

For bus schedules around campus and surrounding areas, check out

PDF File of Logistics Information

Dining and City Info:


City of Durham: Official visitor site


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