Marxism and New Media Keynote & Closing

We were honored to have Ricardo Dominguez, Alexander R. Galloway, and McKenzie Wark as our keynote speakers. We were no less honored to have Duke’s own Michael Hardt as our moderator and Kate Hayles as our conference closer.

Wow. What a day!

Ricardo Dominguez (and his younger self - in middle) on Electronic Disobedience


Ricardo Dominguez


Alex Galloway on Marxism and New Media


McKenzie Wark "Karl Marx was never a philosopher, he was a journalist"


Kate Hayles on how the 1% became the 1%


Kate Hayles, Closing Remarks


Thanks to all for a successful conference!


(Photos by Amanda Starling Gould 1.21.2012)



Marxism and New Media Conference Day Two

Another great day of incredible presentations!

MNM Conference Day Two: Standing room only!

Robert Prey answers questions about his “Networks of Exclusion, Networks of Exploitation: Marx as a Network Theorist” presentation

Pieter Lemmens " a battle (field)...

Micha Cárdenas and Zach Blas live Tweet the MNM Conference

Getting ready for the keynote

Thanks to all for a great second day!

(Photos by Amanda Starling Gould 1.21.2012)

Marxism and New Media Conference Day One

We had a great showing today. Thank you to all participants, panelists, and curious onlookers.


Marxism and New Media Queer Panel


Pinar Yoldas presents on "Speculative Biologies"


Patrick LeMieux presents his art installation "Open House"


Andrew Stefan Weiner presents on the "Promises of Freedom in Contemporary Art"


We’ll see you all again tomorrow!

(Photos taken by Amanda Starling Gould 1.20.2012)


Marx_Reloaded. The event was a success!

The Marx_Reloaded audience is growing.

Abe Geil introduces Jason Barker's Marx_Reloaded

Marx_Reloaded viewing

Live Skype interview with director Jason Barker and Duke's Shilyh Warren.

Thanks to all who made the film screening a success! Welcome to the Marxism and New Media Conference!


(Photos taken by Amanda Starling Gould and Lisa Klarr 1.19.2012)