“Marx_Reloaded” is a new documentary film by John Barker. We will be screening its first release in the US to kick-start our conference on Thursday, January 19, at 6pm. Film to be followed by a live-time Skype video Q&A with the director. A casual reception to follow the Q&A.

Update 1.19.2012: The event was a success!

The Marx_Reloaded audience is growing.

Abe Geil introduces Jason Barker's Marx_Reloaded

Marx_Reloaded viewing

Live Skype interview with director Jason Barker and Duke's Shilyh Warren.


Thanks to all who made the film screening a success! Welcome to the Marxism and New Media Conference!


Marx_Reloaded Trailer

Download pdf Flyer

From the website:
Marx Reloaded is a cultural documentary that examines the relevance of German socialist and philosopher Karl Marx’s ideas for understanding the global economic and financial crisis of 2008—09… Marx Reloaded comprises interviews with leading thinkers on Marxism, including those at the forefront of a popular revival in Marxist and communist ideas. The film also includes interviews with leading skeptics of this revival as well as light-hearted animation sequences which follow Marx’s adventures through the matrix of his own ideas.Interviews with leading experts include: Norbert Bolz, Micha Brumlik, John Gray, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, Nina Power, Jacques Rancière, Peter Sloterdijk, Alberto Toscano, Slavoj Zizek.”


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